Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Just hangin around the house

A little while ago we started hearing Rylee say the word "DADOO". She would say it over and over again. We tried and tried to figure out what "dadoo" was. We would ask her questions like, "where is Dadoo?" Finally we put it together that she would say it whenever Jared would tickle her and he was saying "Got you!" so her word for "got you" is "dadoo" this is her cracking up and saying "dadoo, dadoo!!"

beasley loves to dance!!

Rylee thinks it is hilarious!

Poor Beasley!! Every once in awhile he is subjected to one of us putting Rylee's clothes on him and making him dance. He doesn't seem to mind too much.

Isn't he pretty?

This is Rylee riding her pony she got for Christmas.

We are not as awful bloggers as you might think. It is just the simple fact that our lives are very simple and non-dramatic at this point. We haven't taken any trips, gone anywhere worthwhile, or had any birthdays, holidays or family get-togethers. So, I have posted a few pictures of us entertaining ourselves. Hopefully soon, we will have a more interesting blog for you to read.