Thursday, January 29, 2009

Quick update

Well having two kids has proven it is very hard to get anything done around the house let alone update our blog. Parker is growing at an incredible rate, his hair and personality are very similar, wild and crazy. Rylee has learned to crawl out of her crib so life as we know it has come to an end. Actually it was really only hard the first couple nights but has gotten much easier now. Except for the fact that she refuses to take naps. AHHHHHHH! Very much looking forward to spring time so we can stop being hermit crabs, and get away from rock band and television. Oh and we should be moving to our new house next weekend, VERY excited for that!! Gonna go get my butt kicked in ping pong now by Jared so until we meet again, buckle up and wear sun screen.

Parker with cousin Ryker