Friday, May 2, 2008

Day at the Beach

Rylee loves the beach-especially with her very best friend, Logan. She had such a good time playing with her sand toys and running in the water. It was even fun for me-for a little while. That is until Rylee discovered that this was a great place to find things to put in her mouth. For the rest of the time I spent my day at the beach chasing her around and taking various things out of her mouth. These things consisted of sea shells, sea weed, sand-of course, and her favorite.... cigarette butts! Yum!

Rylee and her "too small" hat

Cool Rylee!

Ready to go home

Disney on Ice

A few weeks ago we went to "Pretty Princess" Disney on Ice with our friends and their little boy Logan (whom Rylee is completely enamored by). We had such a good time but more importantly, Rylee did too. We were kind of worried about it, but she loved it and we loved just watching her. This is the guys being tough and standing in front of a Harley motorcycle in the midst of a billion little girls dressed in princess outfits.
This is Rylee when we first got there-not quite sure what to think of the skating figures.

Then she really started screaming and clapping when the 7 dwarfs came on.

Rylee and her "Lovey"