Sunday, March 30, 2008

Happy Easter!!

I'm finally getting around to posting the very few pics we took on Easter. The day was cloudy and rainy so we weren't able to go outside and take any pictures next to pretty flowers or anything like that. So this is what we got, a picture of Rylee sitting on the couch in her pretty dress, which you can't even see all that well anyway. For those of you who care, there is a cute little pink flower on the front that matches her pink her bows. We had a nice quiet Easter on Sunday, but the day before we visited the Wernli's, a family in our ward. We had planned an enormous Easter egg hunt with over 10 toddlers, only to find it pouring rain outside. So our poor friends hosted a barbeque and egg hunt inside their house. It was wet, humid, but fun. Rylee had a good time, but only got around to finding one egg before she opened it and shoved all 6 jellybeans in her mouth at once. She was so psyched at this she forgot about all the other eggs she was supposed to find, so I fought off a couple of two year olds and got her a whole basket full. The next morning I woke Rylee up, she had apparently been thinking about all the candy she ate the night before, because the first thing she says to me was, "Nandy?!? UMMMM!!"

Friday, March 14, 2008

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Family Fun!!

Who knew Florida had any sort of farm in it? Well, I had no idea anyway. Jared, Rylee and I went to a park nearby that had pony rides and a small petting zoo in it. I'm not sure if she loved it or not, but we sure had a good time watching her. We also checked out the widely known Butterfly World. Rylee loves butterflys and points them out to me whenever she can. We had a good day of family fun and are trying to enjoy the nice winter weather before summer rolls in and cooks us on high.