Monday, July 6, 2009

Little late Father's Day

So, I am a terrible blogger- I know it. But I had to post these cute pics of our wonderful Father's Day weekend. My dad came to visit to be with his kids for the first Father's Day in 16 years seeing as he lives in Colorado. We loved having him come and did a lot of fun stuff while he was here. Our Father's Day morning in our house started out with breakfast in bed which Rylee was eagerly partaking of. Jared said this was his very first breakfast in bed ever since he has been married to me. What an awful wife I am! Anyway...Jared is a great dad. He loves to play with Rylee and LOVES to throw her and come up with cool new flips to do. They have such a neat relationship. He does a great job with her when my patience is gone. He is patiently waiting for the time when Parker allows himself to be peeled from my chest can be more of a "daddy's boy" Evenso, he is so cute with him and always gets him to smile and laugh. We love our dad and are so blessed to have him as our own!

I love this picture of everyone with "crazy" hair in the morning.

LOVE this man!

These adorable boys are my nephews-ready for the pool!

This is my brother who is a wonderful dad to his two girls. He is also crazy about his nieces and nephews and is such a good uncle to them.

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