Monday, July 6, 2009

Camping fun, or not....

Well....I knew it was going to be a challenge taking a 7 month old and a 2 1/2 year old on an overnight camping trip so don't get on my case okay? Jared's family organized a funfilled weekend up in the mountains for us all. His whole fam was there. First of all, let me clarify-we did have a good time, but it was a really really really hard first night. It rained for about two hours after we arrived and set up camp. My mom, Rylee, Parker and I were in one tent while everyone else sat in theirs. Jared ran around being a man and making sure everyone had a dry tent. We huddled together while it thundered around us. So, that night was a damp and extremely cold night. We slept-all four of us- on an air mattress. Parker was so cold that I had to hold him the entire night and Rylee loves to sleep with her knee in my back I discovered. I layed in bed begging for the night to end and the morning sun to peek through. Eventually it ended and the sun brought high hopes for a better day.....Until we had the great idea to go tubing down the river that was close to our campsite. We saw small children floating down this river on dinosaur tubes. It looked to be a piece of cake---yeah. Jared scoped out a place for us to start down the river 3 MILES up! To make a long story short, the river was WILD and we were no match for it. There were rocks and logs and branches that killed us! Tabby, Kara- Jesse's girlfriend, my mom, and I had enough and got out while Tabby's hubby, Jared, Jesse, and Shy stayed on.We hiked through some people's private property, their horses, all the way up to the road where we started on our hike home-soaking wet holding onto tubes might I add. Finally after a mile or so we decided that we were not even close to our camp-I flagged a truck down and we jumped in the back. Crazy? Maybe, but we were beat up and needed the ride. So, this was the first time ever for me hitchhiking, I don't recommend it, but it got us where we needed to go. We all made it home in one piece-just a little banged up. All in all, we had a good adventure that we lived to tell about! I don't think Jared was ready for this pic.
This is Rylee and her cute cousins Eden, and Preston playing on the hammock

Yea for the tent, it was first!

See that wild river behind us?

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Em said...

Rylee looks like she is growing like a weed! Parker sure is a cute boy.