Sunday, September 20, 2009

2nd try at the camping thing

After the last time camping can you believe that we tried it again? Well we did. It was sooo much easier this time. We were a lot more prepared, had a MUCH bigger tent, my kids slept better, it was warmer, and biggest thing of all...there was no river. This time my dad drove over in his 5th wheel and we camped at Anderson's cove with my side of the family. We were a quick walk away from the Pineview Resevoir. We had a blast in the lake, we blew up all the innertubes and floated for hours, set up a volleyball net on our site and had a couple of mean, VERY competitive games, and just had an overall good time hanging out. Rylee and Parker were so good and I had lots of help with them. We stayed both nights and slept relatively well! If camping is this easy now..sign me up! This is Ry in her very own personalized tube
First time having s'mores! Can you guess what she thought of them?

Love love love these girls!

Even though I have my "camping do" I thought this was a beautiful background

Today they loved eachother.

Sister-in-law romance shot

Chillin round the campfire

Are these kids related?

The kids had way too good of a time jumping on the tubes. Please excuse my poor little orphan looking daughter. We WERE just camping y'know.

Parker and Granddad on his last day here

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